This Internet has been free of libel claims or lawsuit threats
Chuck C. Johnson for:



qualifying entries* ~

Defamation lawsuits filed to date: 2 (Dismissed: 1; Pending: 1)

Not affiliated with or endorsed by Chuck C. Johnson, serious journalist. Here's his website so you can give him the attention for which he thirsts.
Links to the allegedly libelous material causing hurtfeels may not be the material Chuck C. Johnson, serious journalist, believes to be defamatory. Just guessing here.

Deter frivolous and abusive libel threats. Contact your state representatives and encourage them to adopt anti-SLAPP legislation.

*A qualifying entry is a statement by or attributed to Mr. Chuck C. Johnson in which he:
(1) claims to have been libeled;
(2) threatens to bring a lawsuit for defamation or its progeny; and/or
(3) asserts that such a lawsuit is forthcoming.

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